• Peru is probably the hottest destination in South America today with Machu Picchu the prime destination
    Peru is probably the hottest destination in South America today with Machu Picchu the prime destination
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    Visit Guatemala with us!


Guatemala is becoming more and more gay friendly. Antigua, unknown to most Americans  is a gem.  It's filled with small romantic boutique inns- our favorite is Posada de Angel,,colonial architecture, fabulous shopping opportunities,and the best  organic  coffee in the world. A great place to just stroll. and relax   It's like being in Italy at half the price..  Don't miss the most beautiful lake in the world, Lake Atitlan and the town Panajchel.  

Lake Atitlan  issurrounded by 3 volcanos with an incredible view .  Check out Casa Palopo Inn.  Absdolutely beautiful   The indigenous town of Santiago  , a short boat ride across the lake offers  great horseback  and mt bike trips.  Posada de santiago is a nice eco lodge with a reasonable price   The nearby town of Solola has wonderful hand loomed fabrics made by  indigenous women.

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The Indian market at Chichicastengo is  a  world class  experience. Chicchi has a big indigenous market offering world class quality crafts. It's open Thurs and Sunday. It's best to come the night before and stay ata small local inn called Santo Tomas.  Ask me about the pagan deity  Moximon  in San Andreas de Itxapa,   what a trip  You can watch the daily worship. 

Then on to the ruins of Tikal  and maybe La Lanca Lodge . If more adventurous you can stay at a small lodge just steps away from the entrance to Tikal,  It's powered only by generator which goes off at 10 pm BEWARE: the howler monkeys will wake you ip at 4 am . lol    There are several smaller ruins in the area, a fun zipline through the jungle  and other activities. More adventurous? - how about a private  catamaran cruise on the Caribbean. There is a 3 day trip  on the Rio Dulce  . You will see many birds,  several nice waterfalls and great snorkeling.

There is also a 7 day trip at under $400 per person for the week .  Snorkel, dive. pratice sailing, stop at deserted islands  cathc your dinner and have the crew cook it up for the evening.. End your stay in Livingston  a simple Caribbean Garifuna town