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    Peru is probably the hottest destination in South America today with Machu Picchu the prime destination
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Granada - 8 Nights El Gigante Beach - San Juan del Sur

This 8 night sample itinerary includes:

  Flight in and out of Managua
  Transfer Managua Intl Arpt to Hotel in Granada
  2 nights in Granada
  Transfer Granada to Aqua Wellness Resort
  3 nights in the El Gigante Beach
  Transfer Aqua Wellness Resort to San Juan del Sur
  2 nights in San Juan del Sur
  Transfer San Juan del Sur to Managua
  1 night in Managua
  Transfer Hotel in Managua to Managua Intl Arpt
  Breakfast daily (most hotels)
  Hotel taxes
Trip Summary
2 nights in Granada 

Founded in 1524, Granada is the oldest city in Central America. The city keeps its old colonial architecture as treasures. It is located 27 miles (45 km) from Managua on the north shore of Lake Nicaragua. The main highway, Managua-Granada, is a scenic route as are the majority of Nicaraguan roads. Once in this colonial city, you have so many different attractions that overnight at Granada is a must.
3 nights in El Gigante Beach 

El Gigante Beach has proven to be the epi-center of world class surfing in Nicaragua, all the while keeping it's fishing village charm. A 'Pueblo' of about 400 locals in the greater Gigante area, it's small town charm will have you grabbing for a camera, as this is as authentic of a third world village as it gets. Gigante boasts a gorgeous coastline, friendly and helpful locals, beach side fish shack restaurants, two surf camps, a handful of vacation rentals, and your gateway to the famous Nicaraguan surf.
2 nights in San Juan del Sur 

This is one of the most interesting areas of the country since some of the turning points in history occurred in this city or its surroundings. The first Indian tribes coming from the north established their habitat in the isthmus of Rivas. The United States history also has an important page here. Thousands of Americans crossed from New York to the West Coast via San Juan del Norte, the San Juan River, Lake Nicaragua and San Juan del Sur.
1 nights in Managua 

In the Nahuati language, Managua means, 'where there is an extension of water.' This aptly describes Nicaragua's bustling capital city, to the north is Lake Managua (Lake Xolotlan), and sparkling volcanic lagoons such as Asososca, Xiloa and Apoyeque surround the city. Lagoon Tiscapa is in the center of Managua. Behind the city is the Momotombo Volcano witch still belches an occasional puff of white smoke.