• Peru is probably the hottest destination in South America today with Machu Picchu the prime destination
    Peru is probably the hottest destination in South America today with Machu Picchu the prime destination
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    Costa Rica Sunsets
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    Adventure Travel
  • Rain Forest
    Rain Forest
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    Cultural Travel
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    Amazing Views
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    Belize Snorkeling Tours
  • Visit Guatemala with us!
    Visit Guatemala with us!

About Us


"GREEN" or  Sustainable  travel   is the new industry buzz word. Hotels  and resorts around the world have jumped on the bandwagon. We have been  trying to promote environmentally  friendly travel  that promotes fair labor practices and tries to help build local communities for 12 years long before it  became fashionable. Through our partnership with Rainforest Alliance  or  the Institute of Sustainable Travel in Costa Rica  we have actively sought out hotels, guides , tour operators  that practice what they preach

It's than just not cutting down trees. It's a commitment to the local community. To buy locally, to treat their employees especially women and children fairly, to keep profits in the community,  to actively encourage guests to interact and thus learn from their employees. This is what we believe to be true sustainable  travel not just  asking  the guest to shut off the A/C  when  not in the room   merely to save the hotel some money. We will also highlight  gay and lesbian friendly travel on this site

We also think that volunteerism  is way to have a great vacation and we actively promote it. We also don't think it has to be expensive either

We will also  be setting up a blog to get your feed back , your comments your experiences from around the world . We want to know  what places to promote, what places might be poked into doing a better job  who to add  who to drop. We want this  site and blog to be interactive  and we need and appreciate your feedback and comments

We are a family owned company that has 12 years experience in helping clients plan exciting vacations  from Mexico to Argentina and everywhere in between. And they would be happy to tell you about us  While our main site is under construction  you can contact us at 1 800-711 5055 or if you are in Denver at 303 860-0874

We have visited  most of the hotels  and activities we suggest. Our goal  is to help you plan the perfect vacation based on what you are looking to do based on YOUR INTERESTS and BUDGET  We  are here to help you  don't hesitate to ask.