Central American Travel and Traveling Liberally have been providing great vacations and services for clients since 1996 Our aim has always been to provide personalized service and recommendations based on what our clients  want -- the type of hotel that would be most appropriate for them  whether it be a small high end boutique property or something more budget  and many times  a mix of the two but basically it's a suggestion that is something special.

Check our web site for a few ideas  of  hotels and tours that we think are memorable as for service the cell phone is always available to assist you 24/7 and you are not paying extra for that service -- that's our concept of service.


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Our knowledgeable local staffs have the first hand knowledge about the tourism of the country.

This will save you valuable time and effort in browsing in the internet. We will Customize your vacation package according to your budget and needs. We do all the work for you, so you won't have to lift a finger. 

Book with us now! What would you do if the hotel lost your reservation? What would you do if your tour did not pick you up at your hotel? What would you do if you missed your flight or transfer? in other words, for any Emergencies you can Rely on us 24/7.

Contact us using our phone Number or simply by Web. Your unforgettable Package is just a step away. 

We offer you a great variety of tours and packages, surfing, fishing,adventures, ecology, honeymoon, and more...